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Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson
Jennifer Michael Hecht
Philosophical Tales: Being an Alternative History Revealing the Characters, the Plots, and the Hidden Scenes That Make Up the True Story of Philosophy
Martin Cohen, Raul Gonzalez III
How to Be a Woman
Caitlin Moran
No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood
Henriette Mantel, Nancy Van Iderstine
Schottenfreude: German Words for the Human Condition
Ben Schott
The Best American Short Plays 2010-2011


Flashforward - Robert J. Sawyer This book was OK but not nearly what I was expecting. Between the fact that it's the basis for the upcoming Lost replacement show on ABC and what people have said to me about it I was expecting a large scale novel about global events.In fact, this book is incredibly small scale. It's focus rarely extends outside of 3 of the scientists working at the collider. It does a well enough job rounding them out but the novel constantly suffers from having such a narrow scope. We hear mention of global or at least international initiatives to collect these visions together but nothing ever comes of it. One would think that if there was a free and open database with specifics about the future a few decades hence it would have a huge impact on politics, technology, social trends... Apparently it does not.So the book just feels OK. It's not bad. I wanted more about everyone mentioned as well as wanting more people mentioned. And that held this novel back from having any sort of real impact.